Faculty of Engineering, University of Mutah Won  prize for best engineering schools in the World Conference in Education, which includes 35 countries the University President Dr Abdul Rahim said Huna iti said : the college will receive the award at the World Conference which will be held in Dubai in the 25 of this month, noting that the award is granted to colleges and institutions that contribute uniquely in the field of education and by providing a leader in this area the Dean, Dr. Hussein Al-Majali said that the party that evaluated the participating colleges is characterized by neutrality and objectivity Thus, the results highly credible reflect the evolving reality scientifically and academically and technically for the College, indicating that the overall group of distinguished professors and scientists who are aware of their message and are doing what they can to deliver it to the world. and he said that the conference, which includes 35 countries have what distinguishes them in the field of engineering education as the United States, Australia and Britain