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UAB Report: KC Pang,
our MAN in China!

CHINA- Anshan our Sister City is the second leading producer of iron and steel in China. They have sponsored their deputy director of economic and foreign affairs to live in Birmingham for one and half years. During this time several business relationships were developed. There are several Birmingham health companies presently working in our Chinese Sister City.


We also have hosted a youth groups and English language camps and as of Aug. 2002 we have begun in partnership with Anshan an English teaching program similar to the Japanese and Hungarian programs. We presently have three Birminghamians working as teachers in Anshan and we are recruiting new teachers all the time! We also have a friendship arrangement with the Chao Yang district of Beijing which includes the airport and most of downtown. This relationship has been very fruitful and involved numerous exchanges of official delegations.

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Latest News


In November 2014, The Birmingham International Center China Salute held its opening event at ALTEC, with many great events planned for 2015.

The Anshan Normal University sent students to study Marketing, Accountancy, Administration Management, Tourism Management, and Hotel Management at the UAB Collat School of Business as part of an ongoing student exchange between ANU and UAB.

ANU is providing a Chinese language study program that will provide UAB students with full tuition waivers, accommodation waivers, and insurance to study at ANU. ANU also expressed interest in senior undergraduate and graduate English students coming to China to teach English language courses.

The Birmingham to Beijing program connected students from Carver High School in Birmingham with a Beijing school through a budding e-pal relationship.

UAB Business School Dean Dr. Jack was very supportive of renewing the student exchange with ANU.

In 2013 and 2014 our Chinese New Year’s Festival continued to be a major success.  

The Birmingham to Beijing program that send for one month study visits, Carver students who passed Chinese language proficiency tests completed its second successful program and in 2014 they will send 4 students and we continue to be major financial and volunteer supporters of this program.    In 2014 Carver and Chao yang school will start an epal program.


-KC Pang will be there Oct. 2012 and is working on epal programs for Phillips and other schools.

-Mayor William Bell and Scotty Colson represented Birmingham in China in December at a conference sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy in conjunction with the Ministry of Energy in China.  The conference was for sharing ideas and programs to promote eco-friendly cities and green technology.

 Clean Energy for Sustainable Cities:
Sharing Best Practices and Technologies
December 2011

  The U.S. Department of Energy greatly appreciates the participation of eight American cities in the U.S.-China Clean Energy for Sustainable Cities program. The program has recently brought together a delegation, which includes the mayors of Birmingham and Ft. Worth, the commissioner of Columbus and Franklin County, Ohio, and senior officials from San Francisco, Denver, Honolulu, Richmond and Charlotte. The delegation met with senior government and city officials in Beijing, as well as U.S. and Chinese companies, to promote U.S. businesses and advance the widespread adoption of advanced energy technologies in cities in China and the United States. With the support of Sister Cities International, the Department aims to strengthen ties between U.S. and Chinese cities to support the development and deployment of clean energy. As cities in both countries grow and change, this program encourages cities to collaborate and share best practices on appropriate trade and investment policies to promote the use of energy efficiency and renewable energy and create new opportunities for economic development and job creation.

- Sister Cities works for Economic Development!

Adv is a tenant Innovation Depot involved in drug/medical research and product development.  CNBG/SINOPHARM is a public/private venture in China that works with the health mi9nistry on vaccines and drug distribution and development.   The CNBG/SINOPHARM delegates came to evaluate ADV's technology platform and start the collaboration for the development of therapeutic recombinant protein drugs.  The City of Birmingham’s Economic Development Department worked to secure visa’s for the CNBG/SINOPHARM team and helped to host the delegation.    After these meetings we are pleased to announce that Mr. Liu has agreed to pay a down payment of about $1 million to ADV immediately to start the collaboration. CNBG/SINOPHARM and ADV will start a joint-venture to develop biosimilar and novel biological drugs for Chinese market. Although the total investment is not clear at the moment, the initial deal will be over tens of million dollars to start with for the R&D at ADV.  We are happy to have helped with this further example of the potential and immediate benefits of Birmingham’s efforts to promote its’ businesses and industries to the world.

Mr. Liu, Scotty Colson, Bing Sun, Dr. Xiaoyun WU of ADV Bioscience

In October, 2011 we will host a delegation from Chao Yang, District of Beijing that will work with local Jefferson County Public Health Department, UAB School of Public Health and Samford Pharmacy School as well as Jefferson County EMA.


-We hope to host a delegation from Chao Yang in August to work with local public health and health training programs. Also Chao Yang will send a delegation to the Chinese New Year Festival.

-Feb. 19, 2011 At Boutwell Auditorium from 11:00 am -4:00 pm the 5th Annual Birmingham Chinese Festival will be held. This event featuring food, arts, music and performances has been a big hit. For more information please check out

-UAB and Anshan Normal have established links. K.C. Pang will again take a delegation of UAB students to Anshan for a month at Anshan Normal University. UAB is also hosting a professor from Anshan Normal.

- June 10-19, 2009 The Birmingham Sister City Commission sponsored a visit to China.   Birmingham has a 13-year relationship with Anshan, China as our Sister City and 11-year relationship with the Chao Yang District of Beijing (the site of many large 2008 Olympic venues).  While in China the group met with officials of Chao Yang. After discussion with the staff of Chao Yang foreign affairs office where plans for future exchanges were made, the delegation was given a VIP behind the scenes tour of the Olympic venues. The group met with staff from our northern Sister City of Anshan while in Beijing. The group then went to Shanghai for a series of meetings with local business groups. The group included China Committee Co-Chairs Stanley Erdreich and Leda Summer, Sister City Director Scotty Colson and Renee Kemp-Rotan - Mayor's Assistant for Capital Projects.

-A Birmingham delegation will visit Anshan June 9-19, 2009. The trip will also include time in Shanghai and the Chaoyang District of Beijing. Still seeking interested trip participants. Contact Scotty Colson, 254-2317.

-We are planning an exchange for this year. The English school in Anshan that featured several Birmingham residents has closed.

-UAB and Anshan Normal have established links. UAB will host a " mini-MBA' program this summer (2007) for Anshan Normal. We will host a delegation of business and government leaders from Anshan June 13-15. They will meet with local cultural, business and government leaders at this time.



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