Sister City

Anshan, China

Signed: November 5, 1996

Population: 2.17 million

Friendship City

Chaoyang District – Beijing, China

Signed: August 5, 1998

Population: 3.045 million

UAB Report: KC Pang, our MAN in China!

Our Sister City, Anshan, is the second leading producer of iron and steel in China. They have sponsored their deputy director of economic and foreign affairs to live in Birmingham for a year and a half, and during this time, several business relationships were developed. For instance, there are several Birmingham health companies presently working in our Chinese Sister City.

We have also hosted youth groups, English language camps, and, as of Aug. 2002, we established a partnership with Anshan for an English teaching program similar to the Japanese and Hungarian programs. We presently have three Birminghamians working as teachers in Anshan and we are recruiting new teachers all the time! We also have a friendship arrangement with the Chaoyang District of Beijing which includes the airport and most of downtown. This relationship has been very fruitful and involved numerous exchanges of official delegations.

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