Sister City

al-Karak, Jordan

Signed: November 9, 2005

Population: 68, 800

In November 2005, Birmingham became the first city to have a joint signing with an Arab and an Israeli city.

Birmingham and al-Karak signed a Sister City agreement. In July 2017, a Birmingham youth group from Phillips Academy visited al-Karak as well as other areas of the region.

For more information about Al-Karak, visit wikipedia or Jordan’s website.

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Jordan News

Mayor Ma’itah is back

Mayor Ma’itah is back in office and has committed to revitalizing this relationship particular with their youth art program.

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Continue our cooperation with Mayor Ma’itah and Karak

We are excited to continue our cooperation with Mayor Ma’itah and Karak in 2015. We will be matching high school students from various Birmingham schools with students from Karak. We are hopeful to have an art exchange between Birmingham and Karak students.

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