Sister City

Guediawaye, Senegal

Signed: February 8, 2005

Population: 329, 600

 A wonderful group of 20 community leaders visited as part of the Guediawaye signing exchange. The group met President Wade of Senegal and representatives of the US Embassy. The group included Councilors Hendricks and Royal as well State School Board member Ethel Hall, City School Board member Virginia Volker, UAB administrators Bettina Byrd-Giles and Cynthia Barginnier;

We are working to reinvigorate this relationship with a new committee and dedication.from the Civil Rights Institute Lawrence Pijeaux, Oddessa Woolfolk, Greg Wilsan, Janice Kelsey; from city schools Cherrye Parker and from business and other fields Tai Rotan, Deborrah Vance of the Chamber, Brandon Hewitt of Khafra, Royce Byrd, Carole Clark head of Birmingham’s Economic Development Division, Linda Malone of Malcolm Pirnie Corp, Ted Gilchrist of G2 Trading, Abdul Kalloon Senegal Chair and Scotty Colson. Additionally, 70+ computers, 500lbs of books and medical supplies were donated to Guediawaye and were distributed to agencies after the signing.

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